Welcome to our tech site! Here I would like to provide some resources to assist people in running tech at Christ Family Church. First, a few links:

Planning Center Online: This is what we use to schedule band and tech memebers each week.

ProPresenter: This is what we use as presentation software (putting the lyrics on the projector). We currently use version 6.
ProPresenter Home Page
ProPresenter 6 User Guide

Behringer: Our new sound board is a Behringer X32. We also use their software to control the board (X32 Edit).
Behringer Home Page
Behringer X32 Manual
Behringer X32 Product Information Guide
Behringer X32 Quick Start Guide

Next, we have some how-to documents for helping with tech. These are currently being rewritten to represent some technology changes we have had.
iMac How To
Sound How To